Behind the scenes

5 years in a few paragraphs

Well, I have to admit it, is was not smooth sailing as I expected for the business when we moved from Rocky. In 2015, unfortunately I lost the drive to build my business here and decided to let my clinic run down.  Due to financial stress and suffering burnout,  I finally moved my clinic home.

It was such a relief when my my casual job in a trade paint centre offered me full-time work in 2016. I mean, I didn't have to worry about income each week and I got holidays paid for so we were excited! The heavy manual labour plus some gym workouts had me strong and fit for the first time in my life.  Things were finally starting to look up since our move. 


Until a couple of years later in 2018, I experienced an excruciating tear in a lower spinal disc. After a couple of months when my holiday pay and sick pay had run out and the pain with lifting had not subsided, I was asked to leave.  I was no longer able to lift heavy things and they said they couldn't find another role for me in the business. I was absolutely devastated.  My clinic was almost non-existent, my back hurt constantly and we were now living on one income.  


I went from a fit and strong 40 year old woman, to what I felt was a flabby middle aged woman. I was limited in my ability to perform fun activities with the kids and simple things like sitting on the ground without experiencing pain or flares of pain for daysMy bedroom activities were also affected (sorry, probably too much information - but I am sure some of you have been in this situation yourself) and the discomfort of even basic things like sleeping were effected, and waking screaming in pain is not something I wish upon my worst enemy. Anyway, enough about the pain, and crap period of my life.

What I have learnt from all this is a lot of personal development skills including practicing gratitude everyday. Yes, I did think it was a load of BS to start with, but now practice it everyday. I am now grateful for every single day, for my health, my family and the yes, I know it sounds weird, but the newfound insights I have into chronic pain.

Throughout all this, I developed an understanding and appreciation of how injuries, chronic pain and illness make daily life a struggle.  They can impact on personal relationships, create financial stress, impact your mental health (feelings of self worth and depression), and stack on the weight etc.

From a business owners point of view, I had a lot of time to think about how did other business owners and manual workers handle chronic pain/dis-ease or injury and how they ran their business or worked if they too experienced problems? I wondered especially about manual occupations such as hair-dressersbeauticians, and tradespeople - I mean what if they could not get insurance pay outs or did not have enough superannuation?   What do they do? What if they did not have a partner to support them through this time? I was very fortunate yet it was extremely stressful relying on my husbands income.  

To save us money, I started to meal plan once per month, focused on budgeting and shock horror, looked into passive income streams to supplement my hubby?s income. The lesson has been learnt to diversify. You cannot have all your 'eggs' in one basket as they say for income. So my reader, I ask you the question - do you have multiple streams of income? If not, why not?  Drop me a comment below to let me know.  

Anyway, back to my story.......

What to do about my back? The 'best' orthopedic surgeon in Queensland told me it may take years or never heal, and I should 'just learn to live with it' (the pain). 

Well, was I p*ssed off! Here he was sitting behind his desk and probably never have experienced it himself and he was telling me to just accept it! What an a*hole! 

I never accept no for an answer, even for my clients! So, seeing as I could not take my hands off and treat myself for my back injury, I began to investigate different treatments that had been successful for other people with disc tears and and healthy eating (not exercising was starting to stack on the weight).


Thankfully I found an answer to both the weight and back healing. A research paper in Europe had done a study on a group of men with disc tears and degeneration of the spine who underwent specialised laser treatment. Over a 5 year period, over 70% of them had their spine regenerate - which I had been toldwas 'impossible'.  I know and my big belief is that the human body is an amazing machine and given the right nutrition (and obviously technology) can heal itself. So I tracked a therapist down late this year and have started treatments on my back. I will keep you posted on my progress.  

Oh yes, you might be wondering what was the answer was to maintaining my weight? Alongside the healthy eating and intermittent fasting, I also a used a supplement which is an industry leader (once again it has to be the best and researched to death LOL) as a tool to manage my weight. I will write a blog post about it soon, however if you would like to know if it could be a fit for you - you can contact me here.  

In early in 2019, I caught up with a friend of mine from who had moved from Rockhampton and I asked how her two boys were coping with as they were on the spectrum and I knew that moves like this could cause challenges for these kids. She told me that she had a total meltdown one day and just put out there how she felt and what was happening in her household on a social media group for parents with Autistic children. She was told about a product to help with the extreme mood swings and maybe it might help her boys? She ordered it and had been using it for a couple of months on herself and the boys with fantastic results. What does it do I asked? She said it was removing heavy metals and toxins from their bodies. They were having dry nights for the first time in their lives and their behaviour was changing as well. They were increasing the number of days they could go to school. I was really intrigued as I wasn't aware of heavy metals and toxins, so I started researching the product, its competitors and also the scientific journals around heavy metals and toxins. Yes, total research nerd here! 


What I discovered blew me away as I discovered that heavy metals and toxins are mainly the root cause of chronic illness and dis-ease.   I spent nearly a year down this 'rabbit hole' scanning through current scientific research papers.  I began to get excited as I had a piece of the puzzle to helping people at a much deeper level than anything before.  

I also discovered that people are suffering and dying as research is not getting out there quick enough. People are being sent away from health care providers with the advice 'we cannot do anything else for you', or not getting results with medication - I hear it in my clinic all the time and makes me angry and sad. There must be an answer!

Did you know it takes an average of 17 years for only 14% of research to be put into practice? No wonder people are staying sick and dying.  I have decided that I needed to bridge this gap between current scientific research and application, and create an online program.   I want to help people on a global scale to prevent illness and dis-ease using the latest information and technology available and address the root causesnot just deal with the symptoms.  


So this is a pretty massive goal isn't it? To change the health of people globally and help people stay healthy.  I will keep you up to date as I get my program together, with the detox being one of the cornerstones of the program I am sure as this world we live in is only getting more polluted, which means our bodies are too.  

???Click here to register your interest when I get the program up and running or to learn more about the toxin and heavy metal solution and what it could do for you.