Rapid recovery after deep wound to the knee

Had a bit of a high five moment early today in the clinic. John sliced his knee so deep that he said he could actually see the white bit of his kneecap (eww - too much information) 3 weeks ago. He had it sewn up and his Mum gave him some of my miracle gel to apply ('good for what ails you'). He has been applying it a couple of times a day and was able to get his stitches removed over the weekend.

Unfortunately the right knee and hip was also experiencing stress due to the left being out of action due to the injury, so when John came in this morning, he was in a fair amount of discomfort in both knees and limited movement in the left.

After a few quick Emmett moves, I released the right hip, both knees. John walked out with the only discomfort being the sore which still needs a bit more time to heal.

I love my job!

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